About Us

sa·​bia | \ səbˈyä\
Sabia has been alive for 15 years, its current form is an appreciation of process, technique aswell as design. We hope to inspire a dynamic in clothing that pushes away style, where we can meet in integrity within the art of process. 

Sabia's Roots

This is our small factory space which we've been working with for 5 years now.  We like to check in with our team and what serves our life-style as a collective. Our members now work from home. This small studio space is a meeting point for touch ups, planning, as well as introducing anything new that we need to collectively learn together. 
Who Made Your Clothes
The women behind Sabia. We have been working together for 8 years now and share a love for craftmanship.  


We are a Zero-Waste factory. 

Left-over fabric get's up-cycled. Our waste is managed through Eco Bali, a beautiful team, committed to keeping this island zero waste through their recycling program. We encourage our staff and their communities to bring this awareness into their own practice.  Our Tags are made with organic, recycled material as well as natural dye's. All garments bought online are made from Cassava Root, dissolvable in boiling water.  and packaged in a reusable tote bag of cotton.