About Us



sa·​bia | \ səbˈyä\

Sabia has been alive for 15 years, its current form is an appreciation of process, technique aswell as design. We hope to inspire a dynamic in clothing that pushes away style, where we can meet in integrity within the art of process. 


This is our family. 

We’ve been co-creating together for 8 years now. We’ve come together with our skills of craftsmanship, allowing Sabia to be a passion project amongst our different skill-sets. I grew up very eager and to be hands on in my environment. My grandmother taught me a set of techniques when I was 8 years old. and through design, stitching and knitting my hands opened the doors of a great joy and pleasure in my life. Moving to Bali 28 years ago and witnessing the different forms of art made my imagination go crazy. I learned how to make batik, along with as many techniques as I could gather! Learning ways the Balinese made use of their recourses and creativity grounded me deeply into my values and the values I believe will sustain this earth and our connection to it. This spark is my intention with Sabia. Celebrating process, prioritizing a pace that can synch us up to the earth’s natural rhythms. We have plans and dreams through Sabia as a medium and are very grateful for your support to help us birth this vision.



We are a Zero-Waste factory. 

Left-over fabric get's up-cycled. Our waste is managed through Eco Bali, a beautiful team, committed to keeping this island zero waste through their recycling program. We encourage our staff and their communities to bring this awareness into their own practice.  Our Tags are made with organic, recycled material as well as natural dye's. All garments bought online are made from Cassava Root, dissolvable in boiling water.  and packaged in a reusable tote bag of cotton.