About Us



sa·​bia | \ səbˈyä\

Sabia has been alive for 15 years, its current form is an appreciation of process, technique aswell as design. We hope to inspire a dynamic in clothing that pushes away style, where we can meet in integrity within the art of process. Wearing our humility and honouring it’s expression

Our Factory

We take pride in our ethicality of our factory and produce full tranparency with our customers. Sabia is produced by local women for women. Every garment is handmade with highest quality in mind.  We ensure our outside suppliers to consistently provide an environment which protects their employees' health and safety and basic human rights


Our Sustainability Practices

We acknowledge that sustainable practices in the fashion industry are facing their own obstacles. Sustainability for us starts at the design process. Our business is dedicated to making environmentally responsible choices.Sabia helps women to purchase intentionally and thoughtfully by creating quality garment that are perfect for women who love excellent quality. A concept  that embodies the unique beauty of minimalism and femininity at its center. Sabia celebrates sophisticated yet comforatble garments that relate from home or beach or nightlife, from busy streets to a sunny coast. Sabia strives to incorporate these principles from service to packaging across all aspects of the business. All garments bought online is plastic-free and packaged in a reusable tote bag of cotton.